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Global Alliance of Regenerative Medicine USA

"Using Your Own Cells To Heal"

We specialize in use of your own, adult stem & stromal cells from unwanted fat deposits, and return them to targeted sites or systemically. We have 25+ years experience with these cells & are a leading source of advancing safe and effective uses of cells to heal yourself.

As Principal Investigators, we offer multiple clinical trials studying a wide variety of disorders, ranging from pain control, autoimmune, neurological (MS, Alzheimer's, TBI, RSD/CRPS, Lung Disorders, etc.)

Our Story

Use of adult stem and stromal cells technology and understanding have come light years over the past 20 years. In 2015 our doctors were awarded as one of the top 10 stem cell innovators by a prestigious group of international peers and scientists involve in use of your own cells for repair and regeneration.

The need for healing and repair has long been the drive for medical innovation. Our bodies maintain themselves throughout life by use of our own group of cells (not embryonic, only adult) which are capable of becoming needed cell types, or encouraging wound healing by influencing other cells. Most traditional medicine uses drugs to mask or help tolerate underlying disorders without real repair. Use of stem/stromal cells have become the latest, exciting contributions to our health and well-being for many decades.

Clinical Research and Trials

See our section explaining current FDA clinical trials dealing with neurologic, lung, traumatic brain injuries, autoimmune, and spinal, musculoskeletal damage and degeneration. Select Current Clinical Trials Button

See Our Question & Answer Section For More Information

Relatively simple non-invasive procedures, performed on outpatient basis, same day make this option an outstanding opportunity. Avoiding surgery or unpleasant, often ineffective drugs, make this a realistic option.

Why Us?

Our Board Certified Physicians offer the experience and knowledge to help you help yourself. Use of alternatives to surgery or use medication to cover up symptoms, sets us apart from the rest.